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Understanding Used Car Loan

A used car is a second hand car which previously had one or more retail owners. As per standard used car loan process, the car is evaluated by the certified valuer. The price of the used car is mainly dependent on its working condition, its age, depreciation rate etc. The vehicle is mortgaged in favour of the financier. After the successful completion of a loan, the loan borrower becomes an owner of the asset.

Dream Car at affordable price

Own your dream car without hurting your pockets

Reducing insurance costs

Reduced costs lead to lesser insurance cost

No Sales tax

No sales tax from private seller; subject to state laws
Understanding Used Car Loan

Reduce registration fees

Lower registration fees than a new car

Minimizing depreciation

Less depreciation than a new car; considerably increasing its resale value

Drive better segment car with less money

Own a brand with price affordable to you
Loan Consideration

Loan Features

Loan Amount

As required


Interest Rates

As prevailing in the market


1-7 Years


Hypothecation Required


Processing Fee

Depending upon selected Fund Providers

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