Top 5 European Destinations For Higher Studies

October 5, 2017by Team CapitaWorld0

Many Indian students have migrated to foreign countries over the past few years for better prospects in higher education. There has been a constant rise in the number of graduates/non-graduates that have enrolled in the foreign universities for pursuing Bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degree or a PH.D program.

Why do we see a rise in applications by the Indian students for foreign education? Well, there are many reasons to it. Let’s have a look on why the scenario of higher education in a foreign land has been given much importance. There are many reasons that matter when it comes to preferring a foreign land which serves as a ticket to the brighter future.

  • Ease of getting approval on Education Loans
  • Flexible hours
  • Many options in programs are available to choose from
  • Great facilities
  • Excellent amenities
  • Exposure to multi-cultural environment
  • Ample opportunities in the research field
  • Diversity in the courses offered

Other reason that the students cite while choosing  foreign universities is –  the Indian job market appreciates a degree from a top international university more as compared to an Indian’s Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

While studying abroad, you should definitely consider choosing Europe for higher studies. Drenched with history, laced with beauty; Europe has much more to offer – like learning new languages, discovering something interesting at top-rated universities in a multi-cultural academic environment.

According to data collected by MastersPortals, the top five countries that Indian students should choose to go abroad for further studies in Europe are:


One of the most popular European destinations, Italy welcomes thousands of foreign students and tourists any time of the year. Be it art, architecture, world history, science or any other field; Italy would never disappoint you! Rome, Milan, Florence are some of the places that the potential students might look up to.

Italy - European Destinations


Along with a great choice of choosing your course from diverse options from academically fine-ranked universities, you get a bonus of imbibing Spanish culture in its environmental friendly, warm climate. Other perks include affordable tuition fees and living expenses – a perfect treat for the students studying abroad.

The students can choose from courses like social sciences, journalism, hospitality, and business, as Spain is home to some of the most distinguished and renowned business schools.

Spain - European Destinations


There are many places in Germany like Berlin, Munich, Köln, and Frankfurt, where you are guaranteed to receive a high standard education combined with world-class research. Great academic performance, modern amenities and excellent educational facilities ensure 100% satisfaction rate and employability opportunities. You’ll find some of the highest ranked universities  in terms of brilliant teaching as well as student satisfaction in Germany.

Germany - European Destinations


Apart from the bustling tourist spot that get thousands or more visitors each year, Switzerland is just more than snow-white alps, luxury watches and finest chocolates. Swiss universities are incredibly career-focused and due to Switzerland’s reputation in groundbreaking research, the country manages to always attract numerous talented scientists.

Bern and Zurich are the most popular student cities. Applying for a degree in Switzerland is quite easy, but you will have to carefully manage your monthly living costs.

Switzerland - European Destinations


Apart from being a fashionable place, France is a home to several globally known universities, which are listed in international rankings. French Business Schools, Internationally renowned bakery and patisserie courses, and of course, some great fashion institutes if you need to pursue your career in fashion industry.

France - European Destinations

Have a look at these universities today for your further education. Just consider the courses and the country, while CapitaWorld will manage and take care of your Education Loans at affordable interest rates with quick approval and simple process!

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