About loan

Understanding Term Loan

A Term Loan is an asset backed long term loan that has a specific repayment schedule.

Capital Expenditure

Get funded for your Capex needs

Repaying Existing Loans

Falling short of capital to pay off your debts, use Working capital loan to solve the problem

New Venture/ Undertaking

Acquire loan for business expansion and new undertaking
Understanding Term Loan

Equipment Acquisition

Purchase your desired machinery with the help of Term Loan

Upgrading Technology

Modernize your technology and fasten your business process

Purchasing New Office/Shop

Expand your business; get funding to purchase new office/shop
Loan Consideration

Loan Features

Loan Amount

As required


Interest Rates

As prevailing in the market


1-25 Years


Collateral Security


Processing Fee

Depending upon selected Fund Providers

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