Respected Applicant,

This application form is for applicants who are interested in associating with CapitaWorld Platform Pvt. Ltd. as a Strategic
Business Partner. The information submitted on this form will be treated by CapitaWorld Platform Pvt. Ltd. as strictly private and confidential.
Please help us by completing all information carefully and thoroughly. This form will present information that is essential for our consideration
in nominating you as our Strategic Business Partner. The completion of this application places no continuing obligation on either
CapitaWorld Platform Pvt. Ltd. or you.

Strategic Business Partner Application Form

1. Personal Details
2. Business Experience
3. Operating Company / Firm
4. Additional Information

I hereby certify that the context stated above are correct and true to my knowledge and belief and hereby confirm that I am or my
organization is free from any legal / official disputes whatsoever. I accept that any facts stated above if found incorrect will
automatically result in cancellation for my Association with CapitaWorld Platform Pvt. Ltd.

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