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October 26, 2017by Team CapitaWorld0

A Home is where your story begins. It is where the memories are created, dreams are shaped and the love and warmth is forever! A Home is just much more than four walls and a roof. Who does not wish to have a roof of their own, where one can dream endlessly and nurture the future?

But, considering today’s scenario, where the real estate prices have sky-rocketed, everyone cannot afford to purchase home of their won by paying off the amount in one go. Here’s where you should seriously consider applying for home loans. There are many out there who have this perception that Home Loans come with many complexities and burdens. This is where you have to act smart to screen meticulously and ultimately choose for Home Loans with maximum benefits.

Home Loans enable people to buy their dream home that they’ve been wishing for since long and pay for the same over a period of time, through EMIs. With festival like Diwali approaching, it is an auspicious time to consider buying your dream home, just the way you want it with quick and hassle-free Home Loans. Companies tend to offer special discounts/perks/gifts like Gold, Home Décor accessories, Family Trips on Loans during the festive season, along with attractive interest rates, making Home Loans cheaper that suit your budget. Some companies also consider waiving off the processing fee during mega festivals to make a cost-effective deal, and assure rapid processing, providing better EMI options and much more to offer! Some might even consider being open during the festive days so that you can avail the benefits.

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Moreover, after festivals, many financial institutions immediately cease the festive discounts and increase the home loan interest rates. Hence, if you apply for a home loan after the festival, you might end up paying more, with higher interest rates.

Additionally, Home Loan is a good way to begin your journey of building a credit history. For the Home Loans that are of long term, it gives longevity to build a credit history. CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau of India Limited), the oldest credit bureau in India generally favors individuals that have applied for Home Loans as numerous studies have shown that individuals with home loans are financially disciplined, and thus, these individuals are rewarded with a high CIBIL Score by CIBIL.

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But in midst of all the sparkle of attractive offers, don’t get fooled as there are many companies out there who try to entice the potential customers with attractive offers, but in return, the benefits that the customer get are eventually not that promising!

Trust established companies who have a good customer base with great rate of satisfaction, faith and transparency. Those, whose Interest Rates are genuinely the best, with secured, rapid and hassle-free process. All these factors mean a lot when you are making an important decision in your life.

At CapitaWorld, you’ll be pleased with all the above values! The team at CapitaWorld will assist you at every step, right from comparing multiple options to aiding you to through the process of Loan acquisition that best suits your requirement with no upfront charges!

With festivities around the corner, there is a feeling of joy and prosperity in the air – apt for initiating good financial decisions and necessary investments.

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Who would love to miss such opportunity of availing best benefits on a dream home? To apply for home loan, contact us at www.capitaworld.com.

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