Machine Learning Applications in Telecom & Education

December 5, 2016by Team CapitaWorld0

Telecommunication now uses various technological innovations to bolster better network quality, fraud detection and analysing customer behaviour.

Various User Behavioural Analytics tools help telecom companies tailor market campaigns and products as per needs of the customers. ML applications also help them better assess customer information, service information, usage information and location details.

They get to decide on various schemes and discounts for an individual customer on the basis of the services and plans utilised in the past and hence increase customer satisfaction leading to increasing of sales.

The predictive analytics help telecom companies in determining on decisions through user-friendly models for working on customer projections and risks on a project during various stages of any project.

Education uses technological models to improve student results, the performance of a student.Based on real-time behaviour or strategy of a student’s liking toward a subject provide insights for the professors to create a customized program for students to learn in their desired subject.

These models also help teachers/ parents have a guide of students’ daily record and have a prediction of the result and supports the school system to monitor the progress. The matchmaking platform can guide the student learn from a teacher who is well versed.

These technological upgradations also help educational organisations to decrease drop out ratio from the school. A facial recognition tool and text verification tool can check for any fraud in an examination.

Also, the Union Bank of Karnataka is using a Robot named “Lakshmi” which automates education loan processing for them.

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