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Understanding Loan Against Shares and Securities

Loans against Shares or Securities allows you to get instant liquidity without losing ownership of it. This loan product enables the customers to get instant liquidity without selling their Shares (Equity and Preference) or Securities (Mutual Funds, Insurance Policy, Gold Deposit Certificate, NABARD Bonds, NSC, KVP, FMP, NCD etc). New current account will be opened in the name of the customer and a credit limit will be sanctioned. The rate of interest is calculated on the basis of the amount withdrawn and period of utilisation of funds. No EMIs or Post dated cheques are required.

Paying Salaries

Employees are your true asset, your cash crunch should not affect their needs

Supplier Payments

Maintain smooth relation with your creditors, pay them regularly
Understanding Loan Against Shares and Securities

Meet Contingencies

Meet unplanned expenses; mortgage your shares/securities

Other Business / Personal Needs

Get easy funds by using your investments
Loan Consideration

Loan Features

Credit limit

Depends on security type , ownership type and Fund Provider.


Interest Rates

Depends on security type , ownership type and Fund Provider.


1-6 Years


Co-Applicant Required


Processing Fee

Depending upon selected Fund Providers

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