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Before extending a loan to the customer, the loan application passes through various stages, which are:

a. Collection of all required documents from the customer. In the first place, the lender verifies the authenticity of documents.
b. Check past repayment behaviour in his/her credit report.
c. Visit office or residence or both. It is known as CPV, PD or PV in the lending industry.
d. Confirm customer phone number through calling random times in a day.
e. Use other credit policy parameters (age, residential area, geographical limit) & loan eligibility calculator to arrive on the final loan amount.
f. Final decision (approval or rejection).
g. Approval is followed by disbursement.


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“Congratulations !!! You are eligible for 5 lakhs of pre-approved loan.”

Sounds familiar.

You must have received a similar type of SMS/Email messages many times in last few years. Are you confused, why you are getting such offers? The answer is, it is actually a promotional activity carried out by lenders to meet their sales targets.


Being educated is the basic necessity yet it comes at a cost. Now-a-days, professional courses have become very expensive.


For instance,studying in IIM-A for the two academic years costs approximately Rs.21 lakh. Similarly, in a medical course, itis Rs 25 lakhwhile the cost goes upto Rs 60 lakh for similar courses abroad. It is very hard for the lower and medium income groups to pay for such kind of education.


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What is Working Capital?

Working capital is a measure of both a company’s efficiency and its short-term financial health. It is calculated as current assets minus current liabilities. E.g. If total current assets of the entity are Rs.15 lakhs and total current liabilities are Rs.9 lakhs then Rs.6 lakhs is required to run business and day to day activity smoothly as working capital.


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