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No Glass Ceilings

We pride in the fact that in our firm we have no glass ceilings or hindrances to personal growth. We encourage our
employees to map out a personal growth chart before we place them in their respective departments or practices. We are
an equal opportunity employer. Our policies help you redefine you workspace. We offer you not just a place to grow but
also a place where you have intellectual freedom.

How to apply

The candidate will be evaluated on the basis of interview and psychometric assessment. Our recruitment is not based
solely on academic achievements. We are seeking to appoint candidates who satisfy a broad range of criteria in terms of
their ability to make a positive and on-going contribution to the organisation. Although the precise timeline, number of
steps and evaluation process does vary somewhat according to the position being filled, the standard process for most
positions is as follows:


Mail your Resume and Cover letter to with the Job Code in the Subject line or fill out the form. Attach
other supporting documents required for the job description.


Here, you will get the opportunity to get know more about the organization and explore your technical knowledge.
Interviews will take place with a representative from HR, one of the member of business team, or a combination of both.


Psychometric assessment is a normal part of the selection process at our firm. We will be providing you additional
objectives, reliable and relevant information about the likelihood of job success and satisfaction.


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