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Loan Against Security, or LAS, is a Secured Loan which is borrowed against a pledge of security. Mutual Fund Units, Government Bonds and Insurance Policies are some of the securities against which you can avail a loan. LAS is a great way to get loans without having to liquidate your assets. The security units you give are kept as a form of collateral, but you can still reap the benefits such as dividends on the securities exposed to the money market.


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The lowering of interest rates and various government initiatives —Prime Minister Awas Yojana (PMAY) has given a great boost to demand of the houses in India.
As per September 2017 IBEF report, the value of credit to housing sector has been increased from US $ 114 billion in FY2016 to US $ 133.1 billion in FY2017.


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The Goods and Service Tax was implemented to simplify and unify the tax system in India. Before GST, the complex and sometimes unregulated network of taxes made it difficult for businesses and individuals to keep track of fluctuating valuations of actual products and services. With the implementation of GST, the volatility of inflating prices was dampened with the implementation of a fixed tax amount.


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The RERA (Regulation and Development Act) has come into force from May 1, 2017. It is a Central Act which is applicable all Indian States & Union Territories except Jammu & Kashmir. It covers all home buyers, real estate agents, web portals and all other parties, which are involved in the sale, purchase & registration of properties. The RERA will be applicable to all ongoing and upcoming commercial and residential projects.


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