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The RERA (Regulation and Development Act) has come into force from May 1, 2017. It is a Central Act which is applicable all Indian States & Union Territories except Jammu & Kashmir. It covers all home buyers, real estate agents, web portals and all other parties, which are involved in the sale, purchase & registration of properties. The RERA will be applicable to all ongoing and upcoming commercial and residential projects.


  • Regulation of Real Estate Industry.
  • To protect the home buyers interests.
  • To promote transparency in the sale of real estate projects.
  • To establish a decisive authority that accelerates the dispute resolution process.

Benefirs of RERA

Benefit of RERA

Features of RERA

  • All Real estate agents need to be registered them under RERA.
  • All structural defects of the projects have to be rectified by builder.
  • The houses to be sold under RERA are done only on carpet area basis.
  • To modify project details, consent of two-third allotters are mandatorily required.
  • All consumer complaints will be resolved within 60 days of time by Adjudicating officers, Real Estate Authorities, and Appellate Tribunals.
  • The promoter of the project has to compulsorily register themselves before the starting the advertising of the project. They are supposed to disclose all their financial & legal details
  • 70% of the money, which is taken from the customer as an advances will be kept into a separate bank account. For withdrawal of funds from this account, certification needs to be taken from CA, Project Engineers, and Architects.

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Penalty Matrix

Non-compliance of rules will attract a financial penalty, imprisonment of 3 years or both. The list of all the offences and its respective penalty given below:

RERA Sections Details of Offence Penalty for doing offence
Section 9 (7) Registration secured through misrepresentation or fraud Cancellation of Agent Registration Number.
Section 62 Violation of Section 9 & 10 Rs 10,000/- penalty per day during which the default continues extending up to 5% of cost of unit sold.
Section 65 Violation of orders given by RERA authorities Up to 5% penalty of cost of unit sold.
Section 66 Violation of orders given by Appellate tribunal Either fine up to 10% of cost of unit sold or confinement up to 1 year.


This act has an ability to revive the confidence buyer’s real estate sector. With the implementation of RERA, more transparency will bring between home buyers, real estate agents, and builders.

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