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As economy grows, people’s purchasing power increases. So does the prices of goods and services too. We all have dream of having own car, a big house and all other material stuff. Hence, it is natural to go for a loan to get what you desire for.

With the emergence of technology, availing loan for any personal or business has become relatively easier. Usually, we take loans without understanding all key terms from finance world and regret it later.


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Financial Debt can be an awful trap if not planned well. Paying your minimum debt every month and not worrying about it is usually not the best plan of action. It is always important to never ever delay a loan re-payment. During a loan tenure, or while your credit card usage is significant, it becomes very important to plan out early pay-off strategies so that any unforeseen emergencies don’t render you financially helpless. The basic rule of thumb is: Pay off your debt as soon as you can.


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Loan Against Security, or LAS, is a Secured Loan which is borrowed against a pledge of security. Mutual Fund Units, Government Bonds and Insurance Policies are some of the securities against which you can avail a loan. LAS is a great way to get loans without having to liquidate your assets. The security units you give are kept as a form of collateral, but you can still reap the benefits such as dividends on the securities exposed to the money market.


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