15 Smart Ways to Use Technology for Business

August 17, 2018by Team CapitaWorld0

Technology is a need of the hour for every business.

As the years passed, business and technology have literally become inseparable. It has expanded the scale of business and level of customer service. It has provided a faster, convenient and more efficient option to carry out business transactions.

We have compiled a list of 15 smart ways to use technology to grow a business faster:


  1. 1. Have project management tools to track daily activities.
  2. 2. Opt for open source applications to replace more costly software tools.
  3. 3. Use digital dictation tools to record and edit the spoken words in real time.


  1. 4. Use Intranet for local file sharing.
  2. 5. Use internal messaging services for communication among teams.
  3. 6. Do teleconference calls to keep team members at different locations updated about developments.

Customer Service

  1. 7. Conduct online surveys for getting customer feedback.
  2. 8. Have Toll Free Number & IVR to serve your customers better.
  3. 9. Develop an email follow up plan to be in continuous touch with your customers.

Money & Finance

  1. 10. Use of efficient accounting software to maintain financial records.
  2. 11. Generate additional income by selling your products/ services online.
  3. 12. For credit requirement, use online platforms to quicken fund raising process.

Marketing & Advertising

  1. 13. Use social media optimally to promote business.
  2. 14. Design an informative & creative website to attract potential customers.
  3. 15. Use of software to create, update and share marketing plans within teams from anywhere.

Technology has revolutionised the way business was carried out. Technology has helped business owners as well as entrepreneurs to achieve better performance, effective customer services, improved human resources management and many other business aspects. Irrespective to the size of a business, it helps in making business grow and offers innovative ways to conduct business and gain competitive advantage.

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